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How to choose the right artificial grass turf for different place?

According to artificial grass application, artificial grass turf is generally divided into two categories, one is landscaping grass (mainly for landscaping or decoration), the other is sports grass (mainly for football field, basketball field, golf course field, etc.). To decide which kind of artificial grass, just consider the final purpose.

artificial grass turf

Landscaping artificial grass turf. The ordinary height of landscaping artificial grass turf is often ranged from 8mm to 45mm. Besides the height of landscaping artificial grass which is the key feature, its density, appearance is also different from sports grass. For the application in skirt of community, shopping hall roof, artificial grass with its less than 20mm height is recommended to use, for those artificial turf, it is not high in price, the visual effect is also not bad. For the color, those places are always decorated by green or red grass. For the decoration of interior place, highly imitated artificial grass is recommended because those highly imitated artificial grass is high in height, and dense in fiber quantity, its color is yellow-green, the final visual effect is very 

Landscaping artificial grass

lifelike, vivid. What is more, its grass fiber is very upright which increase the grass stereoscopic impression. For the application of those artificial grass turf, many advertisement company, holiday village, luxury hotels ue this kind of artificial grass. Compared with sports grass, landscaping grass fiber is much tinier and much more lifelike.

For sports artificial grass turf, its ordinary height is ranged from 30mm to 60mm, different sports field needs artificial grass with different height. There are several colors for choice like red, white, green, dark green. Another difference compared with landscaping grass is that sports grass has infillings, the quantity requirement of infillings differs according to the place.

Generally speaking, artificial grass for landscaping is much lower than sports turf, and tinier, no infillings, less color choice.

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