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Solution for banquet, leisure & entertainment carpet

Carpets can change the sentiment & atmosphere of a place, they bring energy to different occasions, especially for banquet halls, leisure & entertainment places. 

Colors, designs are the most important matters for banquet hall, leisure & entertainment place carpets. Meanwhile, we also need to consider the fireproof, anti stain, easy maintenance matter. Hand tufted wool carpets are rather suitable for these occasions, they can be made into various colors & designs, also with high fireproof performance. Hand tufted carpets can be produced according to the sizes of the places, which decreases the wastes and saves the costs for each customer.
It’s not suggested to use wilton carpets for big rooms, as the backing is jute, which will shrink when there’s water on the floor. That brings trouble to the follow-up maintenance.

Wuxi Diamond Carpet Manufacturing Co., Ltd brings customized carpets on various occasions and usages. We will offer you premium experience from designing, production, quality checking, fitting and maintenance.

Restaurantl  Nylon Printed Carpet

Restaurantl  Nylon Printed carpet

The hotel lobby Nylon Printed Carpet

The hotel lobby Nylon Printed carpet

KTV Nylon Printed Carpet

KTV Nylon Printed carpet

Banquet hall Hand Tufted Wool Carpet

Banquet hall Hand Tufted Wool Carpet

Banquet hall  Hand Tufted Wool Carpet


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