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Construction procedure of Football Field Artificial Grass
1. Foundation: Foundation plays an important role on artificial grass field. Evenness, stability and drainage of the foundation will influence the field a lot.
There’s no standard code for understructure of artificial grass. There are four normal foundations for artificial grass, bitumen-concrete type, waterproof concrete type, macadam foundation and calcareousness-clay foundation. When choosing types of the understructure and drainage system, we should consider function and construction cost for the field. Due to its evenness and stability, bitumen-concrete type is recommended by international football organizations.
2. Layout: Find center of the football field, mark accurate location of each point and line. Layout the marking lines, draw floor plans and impression drawing, choose artificial grass with different functions & thickness according to the field situation.
3. Treatment, fix and cleaning of the foundation. Move the artificial grass to the field, spread it out horizontally and puss vertically from one end to another end. The artificial grass should be fitted by professional workers with professional tools. After moving into the construction site, the artificial grass should be cut first according to the drawing, then joint each piece into one piece with adhesive coated joint tape or sewing machine. Do not fit the artificial grass in high humidity situation like rainy or foggy days.
4. Cut down the white grass, and put aside for later use.
5. Cut the grass with utility knives and joint them tightly.
6. Spread out 20cm-30cm wide fiber cloth or non woven cloth, coated with special adhesive, joint two pieces grass with this. If the cloth is wet, dry it.
7. After the grass is almost jointed, confirm location of each functional lines and points again. Cut off the concerned part, take out the grass, put in the fiber cloth coated with adhesive, put the white grass where it should be. It’s difficult to arc in narrow areas like corner area, we can cut the whole area into small pieces and put them together piece by piece.
8. There may be some folds after jointing, cut the folds with utility knives, straighten the grass cut off the overlapped part and joint with adhesive.
9. When the artificial grass were fitted, we need to fill in rubber crumbs, quartz sand and brush the grass. The grass fibers can be protected by quartz sand in the base of grass, the rubber crumbs will be spread onto the quartz sand. Thickness of the rubber crumbs & quartz sand depend on height of the grass, normally the rubber crumbs is 10mm lower than the grass face. 

10. Clean the construction site, check the actual size, make sure the artificial grass is fitted tightly, spread the rubber crumbs and quartz sand even. After these work, this job can be done.

Football Field Artificial Grass

Football Field Artificial Grass

Football Field Artificial Grass

Football artificial grass


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