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Patrick Kwamer——A client from Ghana

Patrick Kwamer——A client from Ghana

On October 18, 2018, Ghana client came to Wuxi Diamond Carpet for the carpet tiles. 

He is a project developer in his country .The main purpose of his visit to China is to find the manufacturers of floor materials, The day before he came to our factory , he also visited a carpet glue supplier in Cangzhou , Beijing. 
In fact, Patrick is a friend of one of my previous customers . He learned that our main products are all kinds of carpets and is very interested in them .Therefore ,he specially came to our factory to learn about our products.
I mainly recommend our wall to wall carpet, Artificial grass and carpet tiles.
Among all of our products , he showed very strong interesting in our carpet tiles, which are more and more popular in the commercial projects, such as office room, meeting room, hospital, even some hotel. 
 Moreover, I clariid the difference of our three different kinds of backing carpet. Bitumen, PVC and EQ backing, He is prefer to the PVC and the EQ backing due the good elasticity.

In the follow-up communication, Patrick was satisfied with the designs and quality of our products, also showing his willing to cooperate with us in the nearest furture.

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