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Billiard room carpet

       As international competitions become popular, billiards are becoming more and more popular. Billiards exercises people's attention and physical coordination, followed by thinking, cue ball control and logical abilities, which can improve people's internal qualities. Of course, billiards halls It has also become a place for the public to socialize and relax.


    One Five Five Billiards Club has one of the best pool courts in Jiangsu. This time, it chose to cooperate with Wuxi Marico Diamond Carpet to create a comfortable and atmospheric sports venue.     Billiards requires a long standing time, which is prone to sore feet, so it is more practical to choose a carpet. The carpet pile is soft and elastic, which can cushion the pressure on the soles of the feet, and is comfortable to step on. In addition, the carpet can reduce noise and noise, which can eliminate spatial noise and make exercise more focused. The material of the carpet will not damage the ground even if the billiard balls are dropped.

      This time the designer chose Marico printed carpets for the one-fifth billiards club. The pattern and color are also carefully designed to match the lighting and environment of the billiards court to create a clean, high-level, quiet and comfortable visual effect.


      Preliminary site survey, pattern design, mid-term physical sample determination, later mass production and carpet paving, Marico carpet staff carefully completed every link, and the final presentation effect was recognized by the club’s President Yang and printed Marico Carpet is very satisfied and looks forward to our next cooperation.
      Marico Diamond Carpet has a rich and mature billiard hall carpet plan, a large number of carpet pattern materials for you to choose, design and production one-stop service, if you have request on billiards carpet, welcome to consult with us.

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