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Should I Get artificial grass?
Have you got natural lawn that just won’t grow? Do you struggle to find the time to maintain it? Do you have a dirt patch in your yard that’s just becoming an eyesore?
artificial grass  may be the answer you’ve been looking for.Synthetic lawn is becoming a popular alternative to gravel, concrete, pavers and even natural grass in a lot of backyards.
Let us take you through some of the benefits that come with installing Artificial lawns.

1.artificial grass is low maintenance.

ZSA3014 roof

This is great for those of us that lead busy lifestyles and have young families; as well as couples, singles or people that may be heavily tied up in their work.Unlike natural lawn, synthetic grass does not require any mowing, trimming or edging. It simply stays the same length as the day it was first installed.Better yet, it stays green all year round! This means you never have to water or fertilise it.Owning a low maintenance lawn means less time spent maintaining your backyard and more time doing the things you enjoy.The only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is the occasional leaf or piece of debris, which you can easily remove using a hose or a rake.
2.artificial grass can withstand Aussie conditions.
Natural lawn does look nice – especially when it’s well maintained and looks lush and green.Unfortunately, natural lawn is not always in that condition. Getting it to the standard you want can be a lot of hard work, especially in summer. Artificial lawns are designed with outdoor conditions in mind. They are 100% drought proof, meaning they look great no matter the season or weather. Our quality lawns are UV and fade-resistant and are backed up by guarantees of up seven years.
3.Your kids and pets will love it!
Not to worry, artificial grass is child and pet friendly.It’s free of any chemicals and pesticides that you may find in natural grass which means it’s safe for the kids to play on for as long as their little hearts desire.The artificial fibres are soft beneath their feet and you won’t have to spend time getting those annoying prickles out of your dog’s fur.artificial grass has excellent drainage and generally remains fairly dry, meaning they can play on it without getting dirty or muddy.
4.An artificial lawn will save you money.

If there’s one thing we’re all conscious of, it’s saving money wherever we can.Not only does  Artificial lawns give you more free time, it also gives your wallet a break as well.Although it may seem like installing artificial turf will be a significant cost in the short term, in the long term it will mean more money in your pocket.You will see a significant drop in your water bills – especially in summer when you’re having to water your natural lawn twice a day to try and keep it looking green.Gone will be the days of buying fertilisers and lawn maintenance equipment, where the ongoing costs gets more expensive each time we have to go to the bowser to fill them up.

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