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How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Home

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Before you shop for new carpet, set your expectations. There are a variety of carpets for every household and occasion. Here are some questions to determine what carpet makes the most sense for your home:

What type of carpet do you need? Do you need something that can handle your active family or even your pets? And where will this carpet be located? Once you have identified your basic needs, it will be easier to narrow down a carpet in the right style and color to reflect your tastes.

Do you have a style and color in mind? Whether you're looking for the latest carpet colors and patterns or a timeless classic, it's important to know what look you're going for. This will make it easier to navigate through our hundreds of styles and colors.

What about carpet cushion? The right carpet cushion improves the comfort of your carpet and helps stop stains from reappearing for easier cleaning.

When do you need your new carpet? Do you need it quickly or do you have time to spare?

How much are you willing to spend? Just remember that your total budget should include the carpet, cushion and installation. You can use our Carpet Measurement Calculator to help you estimate your project.

What about scheduling your installation? After you've picked your new carpet, Lowe’s can schedule the installation. A correct installation will ensure that your carpet will last. You can see what to expect during installation today by visiting the Lowe’s Carpet Installation page.

How should I care for my new carpet? Whether your carpet needs to stand up to heavy or light foot traffic, proper care will allow its quality, look and feel to last for years to come. Plus, having your carpet professionally cleaned as outlined by your warranty will ensure that your carpet looks newer longer and will keep your warranty coverage valid. Check your STAINMASTER limited warranty brochure to see what type of care is required.

What about the warranty? Sometimes accidents happen. Make sure you understand your warranty and register your carpet to get the best coverage.

Are you ready to get a quote? If so, start by scheduling your in-home floor measurement today.

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