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Diamond Carpet---Axminster carpet
Axminster carpet

First, brief introduction of Axminster carpet:

When coming to Axminster carpet, what people have in mind are luxury and bright colors.Some people also associate Axminster with quality,since it has a good reputation in carpet making for centuries.

An Axminster carpet is a type of pile carpet named  for Axminster,a town in Southwest England which continues to produce carpets today. In tradition, Axminster carpets are made form wool and they are made distinctive by their bright colors.

Modern Axminster carpet are machine-woven which makes them cheaper and faster.but they often still have a handmade look.That makes them popular for people who want the look and feel of handmade carpets but don`t want to spend much money on it.

Second: Specification of Axminster carpet:

Material: wool,Nylon,PP, Polyester,80%NZ wool &20% nylon,or as per request(cut pile). Pile height: about 6.5mm-10mm, usually 7.5mm

Total height:about 9.5mm-13mm

Pile weight:about 21oz-60oz/sq.yd(600-1700g/sq.yd)

Total weight:about 43oz-90oz/sq.yd(1200-2500g/sq.yd)

Size:3.66 or 4m or as per request

Backing:Row-polyester;jute; Latex-Basf- synthetic.

Packing:Rolled in PP &PE bags

Loading:20GP 2500sqm

Third Application:

For our Axminster carpet. For star hotels have some more special functions for different projects requirements.

1. Widely used in luxury commercial places. Such as high-end hotel banquet hall, hotel guest room, lobby, casino,restaurant, pub ,etc.

2. Widely used in residential area ,such as villa.

3. Widely used in public place ,such as hall.


Bright color-good decorative effect: it`s with plus surface and elegant style.

Latest design: Advanced technical process: our Axminster carpet are made with advanced technical process that meets international carpet standards.

High quality:Axminster carpet have excellent appearance retention which makes it looks fresh after a long period of usage,durability, dimensional stability and underfoot comfort.And also the reasonable price;

Wide application: Axminster is the most suitable for high-grade

hotel,restaurants,corridors,banquet,meeting room and other public or private areas.

Wuxi Marico Diamond carpet features the latest design,

Reasonable price,the most advanced technical,fire-retardant

Durability,anti-static,colorfast etc.

Just let me know what you want,we will do the rest by heart.

Hope for your inquiry and the future cooperation with you.

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