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Carpet Tiles For A Meeting Room Or Church
Cost is always a major factor when choosing appropriate flooring for your high traffic area. It is especially difficult if your area is located in a church or for a charity run business and working to a tight budget. You would have to take into account the longevity of the product and the aesthetic qualities, whilst staying within your permitted spending power. Commercial carpet tiles could be your way forward. Our carpet tiles can be quick and easy to fit, require little after care and they are hard wearing and extremely durable whilst purchasable at bargain prices.

As a bonus they offer you the chance to present a warm, comfortable welcoming environment for your congregation or members. carpet tiles can be laid on most clean, flat surfaces, floorboards or concrete, they will not require underlay as they have a 3mm bitumen backing. carpet tiles have the added advantage of being removable, so if soiling does occur, individual tiles can be lifted cleaned and replaced.

carpet for church

This also gives the facility to use them as a temporary floor covering for smaller areas, for example, if children use the area for clubs or group meetings, your flooring can be laid for their use and then packed away in the boxes again until next time. When being used in these public areas we must not forget the legal and safety requirements, they are of course fire retardant and conform to the B1 fire regulations standards. Smoking is of course no longer allowed in public areas but just in case, these tiles are also cigarette burn resistant.

We have a large selection of tile types, colors and prices to help you find the ideal carpet tile for your area. Firstly we would advise you search all our carpet tiles, or maybe concentrate on your preferred colour. We are glad to provide samples for check. Kindly contact us for more information. 

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